Posted on Mar 28, 2023

I exported a CSV file but I don’t see all of my products. What happended?

This app identifies each product by it’s SKU number (or barcode). The app will not be able to export (or import) any products that do not have a SKU. To fix this, simply add a SKU number to any product variant you wish to update with this app. If you have products in your store that do have SKUs and are still not showing up, please contact us

What can I update with this app?

This app allows you to update your inventory, price, compare_at_price, barcode, sku, tracked, cost and weight fields.

Will this app ignore SKUs in my inventory file that are not in my shop?

Yes. This app will only update the SKUs that are already in your store. This allows you to upload inventory files that may have information for products that are not currently in your store.

My app has duplicate SKUs, how will this affect the app?

This app can handle duplicate SKUs just fine, but there are some things to keep in mind.

Since Shopify does not require SKUs to be unique to a single product, multiple products can have the same SKU.

Because this app uses the SKU to identify the products, it will change the information for all products that have the same sku.

Furthermore, if the SKU appears multiple times in the csv file, the app will use the last occurance of the SKU as the value.

(i.e. if the same SKU appears more than once in the file, the value of whichever one appears last will be used)

When opening CSV file all data appears in one column.

Please see this article to resolve the issue: http://feedback.debitoor.com/knowledgebase/articles/248576-when-opening-csv-file-all-data-appears-in-one-col

I don’t see my question here. What are my options?

Please contact me using the contact form or send an email to chris [at] simpleappsllc [dot] com. I will respond ASAP and work with you to resolve the issue.

I want to critique the app or suggest a new feature. What do I do?

Please contact me using the contact form or send an email to chris [at] simpleappsllc [dot] com. I’ll review your request and see what I can do to improve the app.

I’m really happy with the app and would like to leave a review!

First of all, thank you so much for your business! If you are enjoying the app and think it would help others, please consider leaving a review.